Multination Counter Terrorism Exercise (MNCTX) is a combined training co-organized with the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). The idea was inspired by the Minister of Defense during the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting and Retreat in Myanmar on 20 Oct 14. This exercise is based on counter-terrorism training and is designed to promote cooperation, understanding and professionalism among MAF Special Forces, RMP, ASEAN and UAE participants. The objectives of the exercise are as follows:

a. Increase the level of interoperability and military readiness in planning and carrying out joint operations to deal with the violence crisis that threatens the safety and interests of ASEAN.

b. Provide exposure to the administration and staff in the decision-making process for operating procedures, administration and joint logistics.

c. Bridging the bilateral ties and enhance cooperation between the Armed Forces and ASEAN Police.